New user-friendly rover from Unicontrol removes barriers and avoids wasted time on construction sites

Contractors and surveyors can now avoid frustrating and costly stoppages by taking basic measurements themselves thanks to the new UnicontrolRover.

Irrespective of training and qualifications, the new UnicontrolRover will allow any user to measure and stake out points with great precision and immediate digitisation, available for the operator’s 3D machine control system. This new technology was developed in close collaboration with the construction sector and tested thoroughly over the space of four months at busy construction sites in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Unicontrol had already received many orders for the new UnicontrolRover by the time of the product’s launch. The users testing the product on-site were so satisfied that they wanted extra UnicontrolRover to optimise the surveying, quality control and documentation work.

The new rover with built-in tilt-function combines a high-performance GNSS receiver with Unicontrol’s familiar intuitive tablet interface. With just a few clicks, you can stake out points and lines, create surface designs, make area calculations and, using UnicontrolCloud, share points and lines with machines and colleagues directly.

“Our customers have long called for us to add a rover that they can integrate with Unicontrol’s 3D machine control and cloud solution. Having a simple option for uploading project files from UnicontrolRover to other Unicontrol devices – instead of chasing after the machine operator with a USB drive on-site – makes a big difference,” says Ehsanullah Ekhlas, CCO at Unicontrol.

Familiarity and reliability

At construction company Harry Andersen & Søn A/S, meanwhile, UnicontrolRover is now a firm fixture in their toolbox:

We use UnicontrolRover for everything from terrain surveying to sewage measurements to stake outs, curbstone stake out also. When they do final grade, we then use it to grade check and make sure that it’s the correct height. It is important for us that the Rover is reliable and we can count on it. And the new titl funktion makes it easier for us to do a measurement; We dont have to be 100% focused for a specific amount of seconds. The interaction between the rover, machine, and cloud solution from Unicontrol works really well because it allows us to upload project data to the cloud right away. It’s also helpful that the user interface is simple and also familiar, as it’s the same as on the excavators with the Unicontrol3D machine control system, says surveyor Lars Thomsen, from Harry Andersen & Søn A/S.

Impressive growth

Unicontrol is a fast-growth innovator in 3D machine control solutions for the construction industry. Established in 2018, Unicontrol has experienced exponential growth, opening through company-owned and distributor operations in more than 25 countries including regions in Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Baltics, North America, and Australia, since inception.

The first half of 2022 has seen Unicontrol achieving record turnover, having already made DKK 34 million from sales of their user-friendly machine control solutions, compared to DKK 30 million for the whole of 2021. As such, the bar is set high for growth in the remainder of 2022, with the company now selling an even more complete range of machine control products thanks to UnicontrolRover, which has a lower price point than other rover solutions on the market. The company has recently relocated to a new base, virtually quadrupling their floor space, and now employs a team of 35 staff.