Europe’s Robot Capital Odense Presents ‘Future of Robotics’ at Capital Raising Summit in Munich

Robot investors from all over Europe can meet the continent’s most promising robot startups when the event ‘Odense Investor Summit’ moves its matchmaking of capital seekers and investors to Munich for the first time. The summit takes place as part of the trade show Automatica with 45,000 attendees, featuring pitches from 15 companies with great growth potential at the show’s Startup Arena.

Odense, Denmark, June 16, 2022: The success rate is high for startups given the opportunity to present the potential of their robot technology to investors at the Odense Investor Summit. At past events, more than half of summit participants have succeed in raising growth capital from investors. Now, Invest in Odense brings its successful event even closer to the key people in the international robot environment with an initiative receiving support from Odense Robotics, FundingBox and Invest In Denmark.

This year, the signature event takes place at Automatica, Europe’s largest show for robotics and automation technologies, June 21 at 2pmCET at the Startup Arena in the show’s Hall B4 – ‘Future of Robotics’ booth 131. The event will return to Odense again in 2023.

Investors interested in participating in the Summit can register here.

“We are very much looking forward to presenting a string of startups and SMEs within robotics, automation and other new technologies, introducing them to a pan-European audience of financial analysts, equity firms, asset managers, banks, investors, entrepreneurs and individual investors interested in riding the automation wave,” says Martyna Waliszewska, Investment Manager, Invest in Odense, Odense SEED and VENTURE, who organized the Munich event.

“It is fantastic to see that Odense is so strongly represented at Automatica this year,” she says, adding how the summit lineup emphasizes the city’s role in leading the development of the robotics industry of the future with a unique ecosystem around robots, drones and automation.

Odense Seed & Venture, part of Odense Municipality’s business attraction efforts, started the targeted matchmaking of capital seekers and investors back in 2016. Since then, more than 900 Million Euros have been invested in robot companies. During the last decade, Odense has established itself on the robot world map as the home of several high profile robotics companies with significant global traction and success including Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, Blue Ocean Robotics, OnRobot and more.

Following a rigorous screening process, the following companies from both Denmark, Germany and other countries have been carefully selected to picth from the podium in Munich:  AIM Robotics, Noyes Technologies GmbH, Audite Robotics, Toposens GmbH, Smooth Robotics, KOGENA Sp. z o.o., sewts GmbG, eROBOT, j.s.a., Spin Robotics, Unchained Robotics GmbH, Light Code Photonics OÜ, Fynbo Robotics, Trendlog, SMELA GmbH, and ugo GmbH.

How new robotic successes are born in the Odense ecosystem

Many of Odense’s robotics companies have more or less followed the same recipe for transforming an idea into commercial success.

Robotics innovation often starts at Denmark’s more than 50 robotics and automation educational programs, where robotics researchers and students conceive new solutions to the automation challenges in close collaboration with end-users and the robotics industry.

New robotics companies are kickstarted with offices in the ‘robotics incubator’ Odense Robotics Startup Hub, where the companies have a survival rate of 80%. As they progress, startups gain access to the mentoring and exchange of ideas and capital in entrepreneurial associations, such as Visti Unlimited, while drone technology companies can have their main office in the actual drone airport via UAS Test Center Denmark.

There is good access to capital in Odense’s robotics environment, from the first step via funds, business angels, private equity funds and venture capital companies, etc.

Adding to this is a willingness to exchange experiences within the robotics industry and between end-users. This is facilitated by several organisations and networks, such as the Danish Industrial Robot Association (DIRA), Odense Robotics, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE), Danish Automation Society (DAU), Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and others.

When robotics companies in Odense are acquired, the founders often invest exit capital in new robotics start-ups, which thus gain experience, networking and growth capital.