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Danish business BILA to deliver enormous robot system for SalMar’s new InnovaNor facility in Norway

Denmark is closed due to corona but is open for business. At Denmark’s largest automation firm, BILA, employees are working at full throttle; the company has just landed a huge order for the Norwegian salmon industry. BILA will automate sorting, packing and palletising for one of the world’s largest salmon producers, with an annual production volume in excess of 150,000 tonnes of salmon.

SalMar has announced the construction of a new factory, InnovaNor, in Lenvik Municipality in Norway, which will set new standards for innovative and efficient solutions in the salmon industry. Danish firm BILA will contribute by providing an innovative sorting and packing facility to handle thousands of tonnes of salmon.

SalMar’s new factory is expected to become one of the world’s most efficient salmon factories, where the combination of maximum automation and innovation are the ingredients for success. BILA is a partner in the project and will provide an innovative, fully automated palletising solution that includes the processing and packing of salmon boxes. The groundbreaking solution was first implemented by BILA at a salmon industry customer’s facility in 2019, and it has now again been proven that the concept offers customers excellent opportunities. The factory is expected to be operational in mid-2021.

“We are proud that SalMar chose us as a partner for the new, ambitious InnovaNor factory. When it comes to productivity and efficiency, SalMar is the industry frontrunner – they bring everything to a new level and set the standard for the future of the salmon industry,” says Jesper Højmark Pedersen, market unit manager

“Many suppliers showed interest in providing the palletising solution to InnovaNor. In the interaction phase leading up to the selection of suppliers, BILA showed a strong commitment both in terms of operational experience and concrete improvement measures for our facility at Frøya, InnovaMar. At the same time, BILA were very constructive in their contribution to devising a robust, flexible and not least dynamic solution that will always be able to meet SalMar’s requirements for the palletising plant,” says Ole Meland, technical manager, SalMar AS.

BILA – 32 years of automation solutions

The BILA A/S group was founded in 1988 and provides the industry with production optimisation through automation solutions, typically using logistics solutions, industrial robots and cobots. The solutions cover everything from simple automation to optimising entire production lines. All competencies are gathered at BILA A/S and include consultancy, construction, development, implementation and subsequent servicing of robotic systems. The company has its own workshop where it develops and constructs special tools for the robotic facilities. BILA is a high-tech company employing more than 400 dedicated employees stationed at multiple locations in Denmark, as well as local offices in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the United States and England. Through the years, BILA has delivered more than 2,000 automation solutions to industrial companies in Europe and the United States.