Blue Ocean Robotics becomes stronger with international expert

Blue Ocean Robotics that develops, produces and sells service robots within healthcare, hospitality, construction, and agriculture has just employed the internationally recognized robot expert, Davide Faconti, who will lead Blue Ocean Robotics to new heights as a senior robot architect.

Blue Ocean Robotics in Odense has employed Davide Faconti as senior robot architect. Davide is an internationally recognized expert in humanoid robots, model-driven development of robot software and in the programming language C++. He is very active in the open-source robotics community, where he is one of the organizers of and frequent speaker at C++ Meetups.

Davide Faconti comes from the technology center Eurecat, where he over a two year period developed software algorithms and programming tools for a variety of robot projects, including agricultural robots and mobile robot arms and hands. Already in 2004, he became known for starting the company Pal Robotics, one of the leading manufacturers of humanoid robot platforms. As responsible for project management, design of hardware and software, he led the design of four generations of humanoid robots and development of real-time controllers and simulators for legged robots. As CEO, he was also responsible for the company’s business development.

“My career is based on a great love for robots and technology. I look forward to taking part in developing service robots at Blue Ocean Robotics for the great benefit of many people around the world” says Davide Faconti from Barcelona, where he lives and now heads the local Blue Ocean Robotics development, team.


A legend

“We are very proud to be able to attract an internationally acknowledged person like Davide Faconti, who is quite a legend. He will get our great robot modules to work with, so he can create brand new types of robots that improve quality, working environment and productivity within for example animal and plant care, inspection, and maintenance, construction, hospitality, cleaning, and disinfection. The need is enormous, and we look forward to meeting some of those needs with well-functioning service robots that protect employees from the dull and dangerous work,” says Claus Risager, CEO at Blue Ocean Robotics. The company develops professional service robots from problem, idea, and design to development, commercialization, market scale-up, and all the way to exit. Each robot is moved into its subsidiary, which is responsible for scaling sales globally. The subsidiary acts as a venture company since the goal is an exit and divestment of the robot business at the right time. This means that Blue Ocean Robotics is the world’s first Robot Venture Factory.

Davide Faconti participates in several projects in both the academic and industrial sectors. As a member of the IHMC team (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition), he participated in the DARPA Robotic Challenge in 2015 with focus on hierarchical inverse kinematics and control of hyper redundant articulated robots. He graduated as an electronics engineer at Tonio University and earned a Master’s degree in complex adaptive systems from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg in 2003.